Easter Carrots

Rainy days.
Trees budding.
Bulbs sprouting.
Pastels and bunnies.
Eggs and carrots.
Oh, and chocolate

…lots and lots of chocolate

For me, Easter is a time of renewal. A fresh start after a drab and dreary winter. Where colours come alive and the birds start chirping for all the world to hear!
And chocolate, of course.

Here’s a fun take on carrot cake, no baking required.
You will need:
Orange string (or plain sisal)
Tape and Double sided tape
Faux spikey greenery
Wire cutters or scissors
Orange paint (optional)
Most items can be purchased from your local dollar store.


Take a sheet of newspaper and rip in half at the centre crease.
Scrunch and twist the paper to roughly resemble a carrot.
Use tape to secure the general shape. You want it kind of lumpy and twisted to give it some interest.

At the top, push your finger into the paper to create a rounded top. Grab a pencil and push it in about a ½” to 1”.

Secure a piece of double sided tape to the bottom of the carrot, towards the tip. I added a small dot of hot glue to really make sure the string adheres.

Now take your string and start wrapping. And if you’re really clever, add a rap while you’re at it!

Now, use what you like here. If you don’t care about a million glue strings and burnt fingers, you can use your glue gun like I did. Maybe do as I say and not as I do…. 
When you’re wrapping the string, stop every so often and secure another piece of double sided tape. This will stop the string from sliding and shifting. Make sure if you stop mid-way you grab another piece of tape and secure the string. Otherwise it will unravel – along with your mind!

Make sure when you’re wrapping that you’re also pushing the string close to the last row. You want the string to cover the newspaper completely.

As you near the top, secure more pieces of tape over the top to the centre whole. Keep wrapping until done. Use another drop of hot glue to secure the ends.

If you couldn’t find orange string and used regular sisal instead, now’s the time to pull out your orange paint. Slightly water down the paint and apply to the string with either a sponge brush in a pouncing motion or with a brush.

Using your wire cutters or scissors, cut off pieces of your faux greenery and hot glue them down the whole at the top of your carrot. Don’t add too many. Carrot tops are kind of scrappy thin. If you can find green raffia, that would be a great substitution.

Make a bunch of carrots and tie with a pretty ribbon or several loops of sisal string. Display on a plate, a basket or in a crate.
Have fun and use your imagination!

Oh, and a chocolate reward (or two)!


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