Hi there! I’m Sue and welcome to A Fox With 4 Socks. I’m so glad you stopped by. Grab a coffee, cop a seat and let’s chat!

I dream of being the queen bee of a small farm. A place where I can hang with a few goats and sheep, a donkey, maybe even a few bunnies, all the while in a state of complete crafter’s bliss! In the meantime, I live with my hubby and best friend/cheerleader; Scooby, and our twin, teenage boys in suburban Ontario. For now, my barn is my garage and basement, both chocker-block full of crafts, upholstery, DIY and upcycle projects.

Scoob refers to me as his squirrel. I drive the poor guy crazy with the tornado of ideas that whirl around in my head. One minute I’m talking about painting the back hallway, to the addition of piping an upholstered chair, to finding the ‘last’ ditch effort at eradicating the bane-of-my-existence weeds. And then I’m off again on another tangent of painting, beading, stuffing, sanding, drilling, and gluing all while trying to do it on a dime – my most favourite way!!

So, if you’re a lover of all things hand crafted and equally inspired by beautiful design and DIY, join me on my crazy and whimsical journey. I’d love the company!