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That’s A Wrap – Looking Back At 2017


Hey there! Did you think I forgot about you? Never. C’mon in. Grab a coffee, tea (or me? Ha!) and let’s catch up.

First … Merry belated Christmas and Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing time however you spent it. Whether it was with family, friends or in your favourite happy place, I hope you were able to sit back for a moment and count your blessings.

I’m not usually a retrospective person but 2017 was a pretty amazing year for me….

For starters, I didn’t kill my kids and didn’t take a vacation to ‘a nice, relaxing ‘spa like’ home’…!! Ha! Before you get judgey, keep in mind that I have twin teenaged BOYS – who systematically burp and fart their way through every room while leaving a trail of smelly socks that could peel the paint from the walls. And despite my best intentions and efforts (aka nagging), manners are not part of a teenaged boys repertoire. They are freaks and I love them. One day they’ll do me proud – fingers crossed!!


2017 started out with the decision to get off the pot and actually do what I had been humming and hawing about. Ta Da! The domain names were purchased and this little blog was on its way to reality.




I started volunteering at my new happy place; a farm animal sanctuary called Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. Maybe you’ve heard of it? I could go on and on for pages and pages but a picture is worth a thousand words…

Which led to my decision to transition to a solely plant based/vegan diet. I’m a work in progress and it’s been a great journey so far. I have no regrets other than I wish I’d done it sooner.

I celebrated a milestone birthday. No freak outs. No crying into a bowl of ice cream. Instead I went wall climbing, laughed my butt off (oh, how I wish it was that easy!! Ha!) and enjoyed every minute of the day.




And my present to myself? Hitting the publish button that turned A Fox With 4 Socks into reality.



I attended my first blogging conference. While it didn’t go nearly as well as I’d hoped, I did learn a thing or two and met a couple of great ladies whom I still keep in touch with. Not sure whether I’ll attend this year’s conference or not. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it a conference/family vacay?





I got a tattoo – because I’m a bad ass.





Late autumn brought a last minute impromptu trip to England to see my sister. I was so lucky to share it with my Dad.




Not a lot of sightseeing but some great quality time together.





Oh, and I discovered I like cider – a lot!




We finished the year up with a very long, overdue trip to northern Ontario to spend Christmas with Scoob’s side of the family. While not all of the kids were there, it was so great to spend time with them, their families and meet the newest grandnephew. Geez! Does that ever make me feel old….



Christmas was all about spoiling the kids – and throwing in some creative wrapping!




So, while my year may not have been full of fireworks exciting as some, for me it was pretty fantabudabby amazingily great!

Wishing you a fandoozily 2018 full of surprises, many adventures, love and peace.