Peony Party

You guys! It’s been far too long. No really, I missed you! Can you even believe it’s officially summer? Gaaahhhh! Someone hit the snooze button on the summer clock because time is just flying by!

Apparently I didn’t see the Go Slow sign that spring was just around corner. I sped right past it. Put the pedal to the metal and floored it right to the end, took a sharp right and screeched to a halt right before Summerville.

I had taken a few photos back in April when I was visiting Mount Pleasant Cemetery. I had never been there before and was awed at how beautiful it was. I wish time had of permitted, I would have loved to have taken a stroll, so many beautiful trees in the early stages of spring budding.


And the light. There is something almost tangible about spring light. And the warmth, that curl up like a cat in a pool of warm light.


I guess I must have slowed down a bit to catch sight of it. But life has a way with stepping on the gas. You get busy with one thing and then another, and before you know it another season has come and gone.


With April’s sunshine and warmth ending, May brought with it, what felt like, never ending clouds and rain. So much rain. And with the rain came the flooding – in my basement. My creative hub was in a state of such upheaval that none of the projects I had wanted to start were going anywhere.

And while I was huddled up inside, cursing the river that ran through my basement, a party was brewing up outside. I wasn’t invited. It was private, but I snuck a peek.

The peonies were partying.


They started the dance with a reach for the sky stretch, followed by an explosive display of leaves and buds. But the highlight was this display of beautiful blooms.


So short lived, I nearly missed it.




A couple of heavy rains the following week and that was it. The Peony Party was over.

But I hear the music playing again. I’m not missing the next party….

The Hydrangeas are having a Hoopla…




To quote Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Before you know it the roses will be having a rave! Happy week everyone!